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0.86 miles QTS San Antonio
The QTS SAT2-DC1 project is a three story data center located at the corner of Ingram Road and Potranco Road
2.36 miles CyrusOne San Antonio IV
2.41 miles CyrusOne San Antonio III
2.46 miles Stream San Antonio II
2.49 miles CyrusOne San Antonio II
Located near CyrusOne’s first San Antonio facility, the new site will have up to 196,000 colocation square feet (CSF) and 20,000 sq. ft. of superior Class A office space that can be used by customers.
2.99 miles Valero Wiserman
3.16 miles Microsoft SAT14
In late 2020, Microsoft acquired 33.55 acres around the Valero (NYSE: VLO) data center
3.17 miles CyrusOne San Antonio I
3.59 miles Microsoft: 3823 Wiseman
3.81 miles Microsoft San Antonio
3.83 miles Microsoft: San Antonio SAT16
Microsoft plans to build yet another data center SAT16 at its campus at 3555 Westover Link in San Antonio. The project is described as a building shell and fit out associated with 245,000 square foot (22,760 sqm) data center.
4.04 miles Microsoft San Antonio Chevron
Microsoft acquired the 34-acre, 202,000-square-foot center from Chevron in 2017 for $80 million.
4.05 miles Vantage San Antonio
Vantage acquired the land in August 2023 and has not yet announced construction
4.59 miles Stream: San Antonio III
6.09 miles SATC
8.00 miles Lumen San Antonio 2
8.90 miles QTS San Antonio III
The 48-acre plot known as the "Omicron Subdivision" was subdivided into 3 plots and will be QTS's future expansion in San Antonio
9.17 miles CloudHQ: West Bexar
CloudHQ, a Washington, D.C.-based data center developer, has purchased 123 acres of undeveloped land at Texas Research Park outside Loop 1604 in west Bexar County, where it plans to build a large data center.
9.17 miles CyrusOne SAT8 SAT9
Construction is expected to start in April 2024.
9.25 miles H5 San Antonio - 100 Taylor
100 Taylor Street is San Antonio's Carrier Hotel.
9.32 miles CyrusOne San Antonio V
This campus is designed for 3 buildings, each of them being two stories with capacity for 18MW
9.37 miles Vantage: San Antonio TX11
Vantage started to build a new data center at 14720 Omicron Drive, San Antonio, TX. The data center, which will span 242,667 sq ft (22,545 sqm) of floorspace, will be a two-story building with a total capacity of 32MW.
9.53 miles CloudHQ San Antonio
9.94 miles CyrusOne SAT10 SAT11
In September 2023, Cyrusone acquired more than 25 acres nearby at 15355 Lambda Drive to construct two data centers, designated SAT10 and SAT11.
10.08 miles Microsoft Texas Research Park
10.22 miles Microsoft: TRP4
10.23 miles Microsoft TRP1
10.26 miles Microsoft: TRP5
10.27 miles Lumen San Antonio 3
10.31 miles Microsoft TRP2
10.39 miles Microsoft TRP3 (SAT46)
10.43 miles Microsoft: TRP6
14.35 miles Microsoft SAT80
14.35 miles Microsoft SAT81
14.94 miles Lumen San Antonio
18.60 miles Amazon: ALE061

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.

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