Voonami Salt Lake City SLC2

2302 South Presidents Drive

Operated by: Voonami

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2302 South Presidents Drive (Lincoln Building in the Presidential Business Park)
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0.00 miles EdgeConneX Salt Lake
Within 5 miles from downtown SLC and 3 miles from SLC International Airport
0.05 miles Flexential Salt Lake (Presidents)
2.65 miles Lumen Salt Lake City 4
2.91 miles Lumen Salt Lake 1
2.98 miles Flexential Downtown Salt Lake (Delong)
3.08 miles Aligned SLC-04
Aligned's SLC-04 is located in West Valley City, Utah, which is part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. SLC-04 is the first facility of approximately 270MW of new data center development that Aligned has planned.
4.36 miles Lumen Salt Lake 2
4.43 miles Unisys Salt Lake City
Unisys's Salt Lake City data center supports multiple Unisys business functions for IT Managed Services
4.61 miles Flexential Salt Lake (Fair Park)
5.66 miles Flexential Salt Lake (Mill Creek)
5.72 miles XMission 51 E 400 S
5.75 miles Flexential Salt Lake (SingleEdge)
6.14 miles DataBank SLC1
DataBank’s Downtown Salt Lake City data center is a multi-tenant colocation facility located in the heart of the downtown business district. The site is the primary carrier-hotel for the Salt Lake City area and is highly populated with a number of prominent Tier-1 and Tier-2 network providers which enter the building through multiple diverse points. The site was formerly operated by C7 before the Databank acquisition.
6.96 miles Flexential Salt Lake (South View)
8.92 miles Cirrus DS View 78
Announced in July 2017, the Cirrus Data Services View 78 Campus is under construction. The first phase will support 224,000 sqft and a critical IT load of 32 MW. At full capacity, the campus will expand to 160 MW and over 1 million square feet.
9.35 miles Aligned Salt Lake City
Situated on 55 acres, including a dedicated on-site substation, the former Fairchild Semiconductor chip fabrication facility is being renovated to become a colocation data center delivering 34 MW of critical capacity.
9.54 miles Aligned SLC-02
Aligned's SLC-02 Data Center is located in West Jordan, Utah. This is the second building of Aligned's Salt Lake City data center campus with 48MW capacity.
9.65 miles Aligned SLC-03
9.98 miles Verizon: 8871 South Sandy
Former XO site
10.47 miles Novva South Jordan Campus
10.96 miles Flexential Salt Lake (Cottonwood)
11.25 miles Aligned: SLC05
11.33 miles eBay South Jordan Topaz
The first phase of eBay's Topaz project is a 240,000 square foot building housing three 20,000 square foot data center halls
16.55 miles Edged Energy: Bluffdale, UT
Two buildings are planned for the site
17.08 miles DataBank SLC4
17.09 miles DataBank SLC5
17.09 miles DataBank SLC6
17.17 miles DataBank SLC2
he facility has access to more than 8MW of high-density power, and redundant cooling systems maintain optimal temperatures for data center equipment. Situated in a highly secure technology park, the facility is protected by a full perimeter fence encompassing the building, parking areas, loading docks, and all customer entrances.
17.17 miles DataBank Bluffdale Granite Point Campus
DataBank’s Granite Point West Data Center is strategically located in Bluffdale, UT, minutes from downtown Salt Lake City. With a carrier-neutral design, the 95,000 sqft building has over 55,000 sqft of raised-floor space for customer equipment and offers network connectivity to multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers. Diverse substations provide more than 11MW of high-density power, while redundant cooling systems maintain optimal temperatures for data center equipment.
17.17 miles DataBank SLC3

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