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Plot #111 & 112
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0.61 miles STT Bangalore 3
0.62 miles Tulip Data City TDC Bangalore
1.02 miles STT Bangalore 1
1.78 miles Reliance Bengaluru IDC3
2.73 miles Web Werks: Bengaluru
4.83 miles Nxtgen Infinite Bengaluru Whitefield
4.84 miles NxtGen Infinite Bengaluru
5.13 miles NTT Bengaluru DC3
7.64 miles CtrlS Bengaluru
9.66 miles STT Bangalore 2
10.10 miles NTT Bengaluru (DC2)
12.30 miles Teleindia Datasamudra
12.65 miles Reliance Bengaluru IDC2
12.73 miles Reliance Bengaluru

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Nxtra Data is a fully owned subsidiary of Bharti Airtel headquartered in Gurugram and has 10 functional datacenters across 7 locations ( Noida, Manesar, Mumbai, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Bangalore and Chennai).

Nxtra data is a leading colocation, managed services and cloud service provider in India. It caters to 200+ clients across various industries. It has ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO 22302 certifications. Nxtra’s datacenters are strategically designed and hence help us deliver the most cost effective solutions to our customers.

14 Facilities Owned
6 Markets Served
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