Nxtgen Infinite Bengaluru Whitefield

Akshay Tech Park Building

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Akshay Tech Park Building
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0.03 miles NxtGen Infinite Bengaluru
3.76 miles CtrlS Bengaluru
4.83 miles nxtra Bangalore
5.06 miles Tulip Data City TDC Bangalore
5.20 miles STT Bangalore 3
5.84 miles STT Bangalore 1
6.58 miles Reliance Bengaluru IDC3
6.92 miles STT Bangalore 2
7.30 miles Web Werks: Bengaluru
7.96 miles NTT Bengaluru (DC2)
9.52 miles Reliance Bengaluru IDC2
9.58 miles Reliance Bengaluru
9.62 miles NTT Bengaluru DC3
14.53 miles Teleindia Datasamudra
19.38 miles NxtGen Karnataka HDDC

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Operating Company

NxtGen Infinite Datacenter

NxtGen Data Center and Cloud Services is IT platform-as-a-service, providing data center and enterprise cloud services to businesses.

NxtGen High Density DatacenterTM (HDDC) is designed to exceed Tier III specifications, hosting up to 2,000 high-density racks in 9 independent datacenters.

3 Facilities Owned
1 Markets Served
0 Megawatts
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