Nxtra Data Ltd: Bharti Airtel acquires stakes in two renewable energy projects to power data centers

Sep 05, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Bharti Airtel has announced that it will purchase 23,000 Mwh (Megawatt hour) of renewable energy by the fourth quarter of FY24 to power its data center company, Nxtra. 

It is facilitating this by acquiring stakes in two renewable energy companies, Continuum Green India and Vibrant Energy Holdings. The projects will reportedly power six of Nxtra’s Edge data center facilities.

The purchase will be made through an open access route, which will see the company acquire a stake in the project company Continuum Green, which will supply green power from solar and wind power projects to its Edge data centres in Madhya Pradesh. The second part of this, is its stake purchase agreement with Vibrant Energy to supply solar power to its Edge data centre in Vijayawada.

Ashish Arora, CEO – Nxtra by Airtel, commented: “As a leader in India’s data centre industry, Nxtra is committed to become a Net Zero Company by 2031."

Adding: "We believe that India’s growth will be mirrored by its Data Centre industry growth in the coming years and are committed to reduce our carbon footprint and lead the Green Data Centre infrastructure revolution in the country.”