NAP of the Americas - Equinix Miami MI1

50 NE 9th Street

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Equinix has 4 data centers in the Miami area, but the MI1 site is their flagship. Not only is it the biggest Equinix facility in Flordia, but it is the best connected. Equinix acquired NOTA as well as 28 other data centers from Verizon in 2017.

The Nap of the Americas is the Gateway to Latin America

Equinix MI1, also known as the NAP of the Americas (NOTA), is the key gateway for traffic to Latin America. The Nap of the Americas is a massive six-story building was originally constructed in 2001 by Terremark before being acquired by Verizon in 2011.

NOTA Building is Large and Solid

  • 750,000square-foot,purpose-built data center
  • The building is 6 stories with 125,000 for each floor plate
  • Tier-IV class facility with redundant power and cooling infrastructure
  • Datacenter floor built 32 feet above sea level
  • Designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane-level winds
  • Seven-inch thick steel-reinforced concrete exterior panels

Security and Federal Business

The NAP of the Americas has a centrally-located Command Center manned by security personnel 24 hours a day. Security personnel monitor all security cameras, guard building entrance and exit access points, and control key card access to elevators, floors and roof areas. In addition, environmental sensors notify tenants and mobilize rescue in case of emergency. The entire 125,000 square foot third floor of the facility is dedicated to Federal government users, many of whom operate in SCIF’ed areas; access to this floor is restricted to US citizens and requires a government clearance. NAP of the Americas holds a Top Secret Facility Clearance as assigned by DSS.

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50 NE 9th Street
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Sites within 15 miles of NAP of the Americas - Equinix Miami MI1

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Distance Site About
0.25 miles Level3: 49 Northwest 5th
0.45 miles Atlantic Metro MIA2
The Atlantic Metro data center is in Digital Realty's carrier hotel in Miami
0.45 miles Fiberhub MIA1
0.45 miles QuadraNet Miami
0.45 miles ColoHouse Miami
0.45 miles 36 NE 2nd - Digital Realty
The building is one of Miami's top interconnection points the building is home to the former Telx bMMR, Equinix MI2 which is a former Switch and Data site, and ColoHouse.
0.45 miles DataBank MIA1
Customers can utilize Zayos fiber and lit services to reach the Nap of the Americas
0.45 miles Equinix Miami MI2
0.56 miles Volico MIA1
0.66 miles Cogent: 200 SE 1st
0.66 miles Lumen: 200 Southeast 1st
2.53 miles Atlantic Metro MIA1
The site was acquired through the merger with InfoRelay.
2.53 miles CoreSite Miami MI1
CoreSite’s MI1 data center in Miami provides connectivity from the U.S. to South America, as well as existing and scalable connectivity to NAP of the Americas. Built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.
4.57 miles iM Critical Miami
8.25 miles AT&T MIA1
The AT&T Miami data center is located in Fontainebleau and next to the Mall to the Americas
8.78 miles CoreSite MI2
9.38 miles Aptum Miami
The site was originally a Peer 1 site before the Cogeco acquisition.
9.38 miles 2300 NW 89th - Digital Realty
9.81 miles Carrierhouse
10.07 miles Verizon: 16583 NW 15th
10.22 miles Equinix Miami MI6
11.27 miles Edgeconnex Miami MIA02
11.62 miles QTS Miami
The QTS Miami data center rated to survive a category 5 hurricane, is above the 500-year flood level, and also has 3,000 sq. ft. of office space
11.66 miles Nabiax: KeyCenter
The site was formerly managed by Telefonica until Nabiax acquired it in 2020
11.72 miles EdgeConneX MIA01
Customer work spaces are available Raised Floor: 30" EdgeConnex has rights to adjacent space to accommodate expansion.
12.33 miles ifx Miami

NAP of the Americas - Equinix Miami MI1 Data Center Photos

NOTA Side View w Red Paint
Source: Phillip Pessar, Flickr

Nap of the Americas - Overhead
Source: Equinix

NAP when owned by Terremark
Source: Terremark
Front Entrance of Equinix's MI1 site. Circa 2018

Front Entrance of NOTA 2018

Front Entrance of Equinix's MI1 site. Circa 2018

Source: Equinix

NOTA Meet Me Room

NOTA Interior

Beautiful Interior

Unfinished Floor at the NAP

Entrance to a Switch Room

Roped Off Colo Area

Terremark Entrance

Equinix cage door
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Equinix connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most interconnected data centers.

239 Facilities Owned
73 Markets Served
1421.37 Megawatts
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Name Date Added Description
miami-metro-data-sheet-pdf December 2018

Overview of EQIX's four data centers in Miami

mi1-ibx-site-spec-pdf December 2018

PDF Datasheet for MI1

terremark_nap_of_the_americas_data_sheet-pdf October 2011

A "Terremark" data sheet when the site was owned by Verizon.