The Nanjing Data Center Map Has 2 Sites

List of Nanjing Data Centers:

Site name Gross SqFt Usable SqFt Power (MW)
BDx Nanjing

Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu province and has 8.5 million people in the metro area.

Rendering of the Nanjing facility scheduled to be completed in mid 2020
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Largest Datacenters in Nanjing

Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
BDx Nanjing
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Data Center Construction in Nanjing

Company Region Name Site Name Building SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MWs) Estimated Launch
BDx Data Centers Nanjing BDx Nanjing 95000 Jul 22 2020
PDG Nanjing NJ1 711451 68.0
Total 0 806451 68.0