The Jiangsu Data Center Map Has 2 Sites

List of Jiangsu Data Centers:

Site name Gross SqFt Usable SqFt Power (MW)
BDx Nanjing

Jiangsu is a coastal Chinese province north of Shanghai. Jiangsu is the third smallest, but the fifth most populous (80 million) and the most densely populated of the 23 provinces of the People's Republic of China.

Rendering of the Nanjing facility scheduled to be completed in mid 2020
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Top Datacenter Providers in Jiangsu

Sites Sites Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
Princeton Digital Group 1 904,168 17.60
BDx Data Centers 1 0 4.50
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Largest Datacenters in Jiangsu

Gross SqFt Gross SqFt Power (MW) Power (MW)
BDx Nanjing
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