CSF KL Service Centre

Lot 4.13

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Lot 4.13
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Sites within 15 miles of CSF KL Service Centre

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Distance Site About
0.89 miles AIMS Kuala Lumpur Menara
2.82 miles Equinix Kuala Lumpur KL1
4.30 miles Safehouse: Wisma Mont’ Kiara
5.98 miles MyTelehaus Kuala Lumpur P33 Centre
7.11 miles Bridge Data Centres MY03
7.41 miles NEXTDC KL1 Petaling Jaya
Once completed, KL1 will be the first Uptime Institute (UI) Tier IV certified data centre facility in Peninsular Malaysia.
10.14 miles EC31 Kuala Lumpur
13.64 miles ModernOne Kajang
16.40 miles NTT Malaysia Cyberjaya (MSC) Campus
16.41 miles NTT Cyberjaya 1
16.44 miles NTT Cyberjaya 2
16.47 miles NTT Cyberjaya 3
In 2012 NTT added CBJ3 which consists of two buildings, a Technology Center and the CBJ3 Data Center.
16.49 miles NTT Cyberjaya 6
16.51 miles NTT Cyberjaya 4
In 2014, NTT added CBJ4 phase which has two buildings. The Global Solution Center and the CBJ4 DC.
16.55 miles NTT Cyberjaya CBJ5
17.04 miles CSF Computer Exchange 2 (CX2)
17.10 miles Bridge Data Centres Cyberjaya MY01
17.46 miles TelcoHub X1 Cyberjaya
17.46 miles Bridge Data Centres Cyberjaya MY02
17.46 miles CSF Computer Exchange 5 (CX5)
17.49 miles CSF Computer Exchange 1 (CX1)
17.77 miles Vantage Cyberjaya KUL12
17.94 miles Keppel Cyberjaya Basis Bay DC
18.10 miles Vantage Cyberjaya (KUL2)
18.10 miles MyTelehaus Cyberjaya CJ1 Centre
18.10 miles Open DC CJ1
18.10 miles AIMS Cyberjaya CJ1

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