Colorado Springs Data Center Market

The Colorado Springs data center market is located in the state of Colorado (CO) within Americas. Colorado Springs has 11 facilities.

The top providers in Colorado Springs are Lumen Technologies (2 sites) and Verizon Wireless with 1 facility. The most popular facilities are Progressive Insurance CS and Progressive Insurance CS.

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Market Facts

Colorado Springs Data Center Map

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Largest Providers in Colorado Springs

Lumen Technologies
Facilities: 2
Power: 0 MWs
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Verizon Wireless
Facilities: 1
Power: 10 MWs
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Progressive Insurance
Facilities: 1
Power: 0 MWs
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Facilities: 1
Power: 10 MWs
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About This Metro

The only national colocation company in Colorado Springs is T5 Data Centers and Level3. Although a number of national enterprises have decided to build data centers in Colorado Springs.

Enterprise Data Centers in Colorado Springs

  • Wal-Mart’s 210,000 SF data center
  • HP’s 250,000 SF data center
  • FedEx’s data center and technology center totaling over 160,000 SF
  • Progressive Insurance
  • SAP’s 100,000 SF facility on the T5 Data Centers’ campus

Colorado Springs Colocation Providers

There aren't many options in Colorado Springs, but Data 102 is a locally owned choice. The Level3 facility also at 102 S Tejon Street is another option.

Lastly, data centers in the South Denver metro are approximately an hour drive.

Electrical Power

Colorado Springs Utilities is a municipally owned, non-profit provider for all primary utilities (water, wastewater, electric, and natural gas.) Electric rates are in the $.05 kWh range.

Natural Disasters

Colorado Springs is free from natural disasters. The metro is not near active fault lines, tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding. Forest fires are a risk in the foothills.

Climate and Natural Cooling:

The Colorado Springs climate has an average relative humidity of 37% and annual average temperatures of 48.5 F degrees that provides data center users with over 8,000 hours of free cooling each year.