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Telxius is the telecommunication infrastructure company of the Telefónica Group managing a unique combination of towers and an international network of high capacity fiber optic submarine cables. As specialists in telecommunication infrastructure, we aim at enabling the best communication for our customers.

With over 16,550 telecommunications towers in six countries, Telxius features one of the most extensive tower catalogues in the world, effectively serving customers as the leading tower company in Spain, Germany and Argentina and as a main provider in Brazil, Chile and Peru.

In addition, Telxius offers advanced services on its 87,000 km international network which consists of ten high capacity submarine fibre optic cables, including the two highest capacity systems in the world, MAREA and BRUSA, both already open for business. MAREA, a joint project with Microsoft and Facebook, is the highest-capacity submarine cable to ever cross the Atlantic. With its 11,000 km and cutting-edge technology, BRUSA links the United States and Brazil. SAM-1, PCCS, and UNISUR represent additional high capacity routes linking the United States and Latin America.

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Telxius Subsea Cable Network
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Derio Communications Hub
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