Spain: GTAA to develop Large Language Models Joint Venture this year

Feb 26, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

An announcement made earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain revealed that the members of the Global Telco AI Alliance (GTAA) are to establish a joint venture later this year specifically aimed at developing Large Language Models (LLMs).

"We want our customers to experience the best possible service. AI helps us do that. Already today, more than 100,000 customer service dialogs a month in Germany are handled by Generative AI," said Claudia Nemat, member of the board of management for technology and innovation at Deutsche Telekom.

"By integrating telco-specific large language models, our 'Frag Magenta' chatbot becomes even more human-centric: AI personalizes conversations between customers and chatbots. And our joint venture brings Europe and Asia closer together."