Spain: Fibra Medios Telecom unveils new data center in Murcia, Spain

Nov 17, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Fibra Medios Telecom announced the launch of a new data center facility in Murcia, Spain, this week. This new facility known as the CPD Titan facility spans across 1,400 square meters and can host up to 120 cabinets across nine data rooms. This new facility also features two fiber entry vaults. 

Antonio Nicolás Olmos CTO of Fibra Medios Telecom said on LinkedIn this week, “Today is a day marked on the calendar for more than a year now, today we inaugurate Titan.’

Ángel Miranda, CEO of Titan and Grupo Fibra Medios Telecom added, “We are very excited to welcome Titan and be part of the modernization of technology in the region. This next-generation data center will redefine how critical enterprise data is handled and provide an unprecedented level of security and stability for our customers."