Google plans to invest €1 billion ($1.18bn) in Frankfurt and Berlin

Sep 02, 2021 | Posted by AbdulRahmanOladimeji

Google is looking to expand its data center operations in Germany with €1 billion ($1.18bn) worth of investments. The tech giant announced that it would launch a new region in Berlin-Brandenburg. It would also expand its Cloud Region in Frankfurt in a new facility in Hanau. The Company revealed in a blog that it would invest up to €1 billion ($1.18bn) in clean energy and digital infrastructure between 2021 and 2030 in Germany.

The facility in Hanau is scheduled to be in operations in 2022. It is a four-story building that measures 107,600 square feet (10,000 sqm). It is being developed by NDC-Garbe. To reduce the risk of water scarcity, the facility will reportedly use a combination of dry cooling and adiabatic modes.

On the other hand, Google did not reveal the timeline for its Berlin-Brandenburg Cloud region. The region will be the Company’s second in the country. However, Google said the region would have three zones. It would also be designed to provide enterprise products and services to its customers across Germany.

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