Google: Google is Investing $9.5 Billion In Its US Data Centers and Offices

Apr 13, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Google has announced that it is going on a spending spree this year. The search engine giant plans to invest up to $9.5 billion across its US data centers and offices. This is an over 35% increase from its $7 billion spend last year. According to the company, the investment will create a minimum of 12,000 full-time jobs this year. It will also focus on data centers in many states, including Virginia, Nebraska, and Nevada. Google will also be opening a new office in Atlanta later in the year. Expansion of its data center in Storey County, Nevada, is also in the works.

In a statement released by Google, it said it might look out of place spending more on physical offices while trying to be more flexible at work. Google, however, noted that it is essential for it to continue investing in its campuses. Besides, Google has been trying to ensure some of its employees in the Asia Pacific, the UK, and the US come back to its offices by mandating working from the office for three days a week. This is a move to end its remote work policies due to the pandemic.