Google: Google buys 53 hectares of land in Wallonia, Belgium For Data Center Development

Nov 11, 2021 | Posted by AbdulRahmanOladimeji

According to L’Echo and La Nouvelle Gazette, Google has acquired over 50 hectares of land in Belgium. The search giant acquired the land in the Wallonia region of Belgium for developing data centers and office buildings. The Saint Ghislain data center in Belgium was Google’s first expansion into Europe. Google has successfully built five data centers at the 90-hectare site since 2009. Besides, the search engine giant also built a solar plant on the Saint Ghislain campus.

According to reports, Google has signed an agreement with Igretec, an economic development inter-municipal company, for acquiring up to 53 hectares in the Ecopôle eco-business park. According to L’Echo, an energy firm, Elia already confirmed that 200 to 300MW of capacity would be made available on the site. Google has been actively expanding in Europe this year. It has launched a cloud region in Poland. It also has plans for a new region in East Germany.

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