Google: Google announces location of its Berlin cloud region

Oct 04, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Google is reportedly close to buying a 30-hectare plot for its upcoming Berlin Google Cloud region in Germany having already signed corresponding preliminary contracts. According to reports by Maerkische Allgemeine, the site that it has chosen is in the Schenkendorf area of Mittenwalde, specifically between the L30 and the A13 highways outside south Berlin. This news comes after Google first announced plans for a cloud region in the city back in September. 

Speaking about this development, Google spokesman Ralf Bremer said: "We have initiated the purchase of a property in Mittenwalde and are examining other options in the region," adding that while further steps are required before the final takeover, the giant is "making progress with our plans in Berlin-Brandenburg."

Mittenwald Mayor Maja Busse (CDU) commented: "Even though we are still at the beginning of the project and further steps are necessary, it fills us with pride, but also with the hope of expecting to have a strong and reliable partner in the commercial sector at our side for the future."