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Cerulean Global Services, LLC (“Cerulean”) is a data center provider offering colocation and managed services. Cerulean operates a 97 thousand square feet secure carrier-neutral data center located in San Jose, California. Cerulean’s data center features rivals those of the industry’s leading players, in line with the requirements of Tier 3 data centers offering colocation including, redundant site infrastructure, multiple independent bandwidth paths, redundant power feeds, N+1 power plant configuration, 24x7x365 on-site security, monitoring, and customer support, and service level guarantees at or exceeding 99.999%. Cerulean’s data center also offers customers compelling physical advantages including, being housed in a certified bomb shelter, operating on the local power utility’s emergency grid, and being designated as major fiber node built by Enron, NTT and Verio. Cerulean launched on February 5, 2015 via an acquisition of 250 Stockton Ave. San Jose, CA data center.

  • Operating 2 data centers in 2 markets.
  • Their largest faciilty is Cerulean II Rancho Cordova.
  • The company has 0 sites under construction.

2 Facilities Owned

2 Markets Served

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