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Angola Cables is the leading South Atlantic submarine fiber optic cable system developer owner and wholesale operator. We do business on capacity of international voice and data circuits to our submarine cables, connecting it to our AngoNAP Data Centers.

The company owns SACS - South Atlantic Cable System a direct subsea route from Brazil to Africa (63ms), MONET (Brasil to USA connection) and manage the Angolan participation in WACS, West Africa Cable System, realeased in 2012.

The company also manages two AngoNAP Data Centres, AngoNAP Fortaleza and AngoNAP Luanda.

  • Operating 2 data centers in 2 markets.
  • Their largest faciilty is AngoNAP Fortaleza.
  • The company has 0 sites under construction.

2 Facilities Owned

2 Markets Served

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Name Date Added Description
angonap_data-center_en February 2019

Data Center overview for both Fortaleza and Luanda Facilities