Angola: Africell opens data center in Angola

Oct 27, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Africell has announced the opening of its new data center in Luanda, Angola. This is after it signed a new partnership with Angola Cables. According to Africell, the new facility will be in the Kings Tower building in the center of Luanda. CEO of Africell, Cristopher Lundh, said the company is investing in tech to ensure Angola has faster, more reliable, and more affordable digital connectivity than ever.

Lundh also said the new facility has unique features specially designed in collaboration with world-class technology partners. Aside from that, they are also developed to the highest performance, resilience, and efficiency standards. Some of the company’s suppliers are Dell, Nokia, Oracle, and HP. 

Venturing into Angola comes just after Africell announced that it is ending its operations in Uganda. The firm announced last month that it would cease all operations in Uganda by October 7. In addition, Africell also said it would be expanding into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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