Web Werks Navi Mumbai MUM DC2

9th Floor

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One of the largest interconnect ecosystems in Mumbai with over 160 Internet Service Provider (ISP) Networks and three Internet Exchanges available with direct connectivity to NIXI.

The facility has over 50,000 square ft. of floor space, 800 racks, and an SAP certified infrastructure, and many more features.

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9th Floor
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Distance Site About
0.95 miles Brookfield: Navi Mumbai
1.40 miles Ascendas: Airoli, Navi Mumbai
2.16 miles Amazon: TTC Industrial Area
Amazon Data Services Pvt Ltd has sub-leased 4.51 lakh sq ft of plot in TTC industrial area in Bonsari in Airoli for a period of 15 years (starting in August 2023.)
2.31 miles Colt Mumbai
In 2023, Colt DCS completed the first phase development of one of the largest data centres for Colt, a 120MW data centre offering a gross site area of 62,000m2 located in Navi Mumbai.
2.31 miles Reliance DAKC Mumbai IDC-3
2.31 miles Reliance DAKC Mumbai IDC-5
2.31 miles Reliance DAKC Mumbai IDC-1
2.41 miles Princeton PDG MU1
MU1 is a 48 MW Data Center strategically located within a well-planned 50-acre IT/ITES campus at Airoli, Navi Mumbai. MU1’s location ensures highly reliable power supply and excellent network connectivity to support hyperscalers and enterprise customers. https://princetondg.com/locations/mu1/
2.48 miles CtrlS Mumbai
2.54 miles Reliance DAKC Mumbai IDC-2
2.84 miles NTT NAC1A
6.17 miles NTT Vikhroli Phase IV
6.79 miles Nxtra Data Mumbai I
7.34 miles Equinix Mumbai MB2
7.36 miles Equinix Mumbai MB3
7.36 miles Digital Connexion: Mumbai Chandivali
7.66 miles Bridge Data Centres Mumbai BBY1
7.75 miles Nxtra Data Mumbai II
7.80 miles Equinix Mumbai MB1
7.83 miles NTT Chandivali DC7
7.88 miles NTT Chandivali DC6
7.95 miles NTT Chandivali DC5
DC5 is located at Chandivali
8.30 miles STT Mumbai 4
9.67 miles STT Mumbai 1
9.67 miles AdaniConneX Mumbai
10.51 miles STT Mumbai 3
12.01 miles Nxtra Data Mumbai
14.27 miles STT Mumbai 2
14.52 miles Web Werks Mumbai Prabhadevi
19.97 miles Yotta Navi Mumbai NM1

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Operating Company

WebWerks was founded in 1996.

5 Facilities Owned
4 Markets Served
19.0 Megawatts
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