Vantage Quebec City

2675 Boulevard du Parc Technologique

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Operated by:

The site was previously known as 4degrees Quebec.

There is approximately 12,000sqft of office space


  • Utility: Hydro-Québec via Underground power supply lines
  • Power 14.2 MW – (5 MW for phase 1)
  • UPS: Battery-operated; double-conversion (N+1)
  • Distribution: Quick connect omnibus bars (N+1)
  • Generators: N+1 configuration
  • PUE goal of 1.1 during winter months

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2675 Boulevard du Parc Technologique
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8.36 miles QScale Lévis
It's reported that QScale is building a data center campus to focus on AI computing. The campus will consist of 2 buildings that are each 5 stories tall.

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Operating Company

Vantage is a wholesale datacenter provider operating in the Silicon Valley and Quincy, Washington markets.

Vantage was acquired by Digital Bridge Holdings LLC from Silver Lake Partners in January 2017.

41 Facilities Owned
21 Markets Served
576.0 Megawatts
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