T5 Kings Mountain

131 Riverside Ct

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A purpose-built, powered data center shell measuring 146,000 square feet and expandable to 468,000 square feet.

Tax Abatement Incentives:

Under the HB 117 tax exemption umbrella, T5 Data Centers is exempt from paying sales or use taxes on major equipment and supporting infrastructure during construction of the new build-to-suit data center. The savings during construction are expected to be significant for T5 as well as for T5’s customers. It also means that T5 Data Centers and its new customer will be exempt from taxes related to data hall IT deployments and facility operations, which includes expenses for servers, hardware, equipment, and taxes on electricity. To qualify for the tax exemption, a cumulative anticipated investment of $75 million has to be made in the data center over five years. Source: T5 DataCenters

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131 Riverside Ct
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0.14 miles Disney Kings Mountain NC
0.19 miles Ensono: 140 Riverside
The Property will provide the ability to significantly increase utility power (25 megawatts +) through a separate agreement with the utility provider.
0.57 miles AT&T Kings Mountain
The $200 million data center was built in 2014 and is located on T5's Kings Mountain Data Center Park. The data center occupies 130 acres. The 14-year expansion plan calls for a total of 900,000 sqft of data floor space.

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Overview of T5's Campus at King Mountain

Operating Company

T5 Data Centers, an Atlanta-based data center provider that specializes in offering wholesale data center space. T5 has data centers in Atlanta, Charlotte, Colorado, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York markets

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11 Markets Served
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