Nucleus Calgary

1210 8 St SW

Operated by: Nucleus Information Service

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1210 8 St SW
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Built in 1999, TNW's data centre is conveniently located in the Watermark Tower at 530-8th Avenue SW. The Watermark Tower is a 27-story, class “A” office building located in the heart of Calgary’s downtown and retail district.
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The site was formerly known as "Q9 Calgary 3" which was acquired by Equinix in 2020 from Bell Canada.
12.73 miles eStruxture CAL-2
18.58 miles Rogers Calgary DC3 Airdrie

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Operating Company

Nucleus Information Service

Company History:

We opened our doors in mid-1990 with just one line and a good idea. Dave Berzins, the company founder, made it his goal to make Nucleus one of the biggest and best Bulletin Board Services (BBS) in western Canada. After only a few short years it was evident that they could no longer keep the BBS a hobby and had to get serious about running it as a business.

The BBS grew from a few lines to over one hundred in no time at all and with the Internet coming of age, it became clear that we had to be part of it. Thus, in early 1993, our company became the first Internet Service Provider in the Calgary area.

After setting up Internet services for our users, business skyrocketed again. Then in February of 1995, Cheryl and Mark McDonald – users of Nucleus at the time – became partners, bringing a wealth of end-user knowledge and technical hardware support.

By mid-1996 we had out-grown our small company image and in a very competitive market needed to define our market position. After a lot of marketing contemplation and discussion, we decided on a position statement which has confidently and successfully defined our market position – “Nucleus is …Everything Internet”.

Other Important Historical events for Nucleus

  • In 2011 Nucleus opens its hosting services cluster in Calgary.
  • In 2012 Nucleus stars selling Cable Internet in Alberta.
  • In 2014 Nucleus is purchased by Fibernetics >>.
  • In 2016 Nucleus Launches v2 updates to his hosting services adding in several improvements and features – News
  • In 2017 Nucleus Launches GravityCube >> product line adding Virtual Private servers to its portfolio.
  • In 2017 Nucleus opens its new office in down town Calgary – News
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