Nexcess Southfield

21700 Melrose Ave

Operated by: Nexcess: Magento Hosting

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21700 Melrose Ave
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0.08 miles US Signal Southfield
Located near M-10, M-39, and M-24, the Southfield, Michigan data center provides easy access for businesses located in the Greater Detroit area
0.15 miles Verizon: 21455 Melrose
0.28 miles EdgeConneX Detroit
Capable of 600+ watts per sq ft Real-time branch circuit monitoring
1.65 miles 365 Detroit (DT1)
The ST1 Detroit facility is located in Michigan’s Business Center
1.82 miles ManagedWay Southfield
1.99 miles Level3 Detroit II
2.00 miles ManagedWay Southfield SFJ1
2.00 miles DC1
2.04 miles Mapletree: 19675 W Ten Mile
3.12 miles Level3 Detroit I
8.48 miles Cogent: 3331 W Big Beaver
10.17 miles ManagedWay Troy 319 Executive
10.38 miles ManagedWay Troy 600 Executive
11.50 miles Online Tech Westland
12.70 miles Level3 Detroit (1965 Porter)
15.05 miles MNSi Goyeau Data Centre

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Nexcess: Magento Hosting
1 Facilities Owned
1 Markets Served
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