KIO Networks QRO1

Privada de la Princesa 4

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Privada de la Princesa 4
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Sites within 15 miles of KIO Networks QRO1

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Distance Site About
1.57 miles Equinix MX2
1.63 miles Equinix MX1
3.87 miles ODATA QR01
5.25 miles EdgeUno Mexico (QRO1)
5.77 miles Equinix MX3x
6.20 miles Ascenty Querétaro 1
9.38 miles EdgeUno Mexico (QRO2)
9.48 miles Telmex Triara Querétaro
11.04 miles Ascenty Querétaro 2

KIO Networks QRO1 Data Center Photos

Satellite View of QRO 1
Source: Google Maps

Operating Company

Founded in 2002, KIO Networks Group is an international provider of mission critical and outsourced Information Technology services. The firm operates its latest generation Data Centers offering the highest security, availability and density in Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean and Europe.

5 Facilities Owned
4 Markets Served
8.8 Megawatts
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