KIO Networks: Kio is Developing a Third Data Center in Querétaro, Mexico

Feb 24, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Kio Networks, a Mexican data center company, is developing a third data center in Querétaro. The corporation revealed this week that it had purchased 261,100 square feet of land in Querétaro for the development of a new data center. QRO3 will be the company's third plant in the region, and its completion is expected in 2024. No more information on capacity or facility size was provided. Inaugurated in 2007 and situated in Cerrada de la Princesa No. 4 in the Park Industrial El Marqués, the 2.5MW QRO1 provides 44,132 square feet over five data halls. In February 2022, the fifth data hall became operational. 

This quarter, the business plans to break ground on the QR02 development. This structure, located adjacent to QRO1, will increase the campus's capacity. Kio, a company founded in 2002 and owned by I Squared Capital since 2021, has eight data center sites in Mexico, in addition to facilities in Spain, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. The company has just begun construction on a second data center in Spain; the building will offer 10,760 square feet of data hall space and be constructed to Tier IV standards. Kio had two facilities in the United States prior to selling them to Zayo in 2017; DataBank currently manages both.