KIO Networks: Colombian Data Center Acquired by Kio

Mar 29, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Kio, a Latin American provider of data centers, has purchased a facility in Colombia. This week, the business controlled by I Squared Capital said that it had purchased a property in the nation's capital, Bogota. The details of the agreement and the name of the company that owned it weren't disclosed. Two 21,525 square-foot data halls make up the 53,820 square-foot (BOG1) facility, which has a 6-megawatt capacity. According to the company, the location has enough land to expand the campus's capacity to 12MW by adding a second data center. The CEO of Kio Data Centers, Santiago Suinaga, stated that Colombia was their choice for expansion because they were confident in the country's economic potential and rising demand for their services. For Kio, it is highly strategic to keep growing in LATAM. When it comes to carrying out their growth ambitions, they get along great with their financial partners; I Squared Capital. 

Kio was established in 2002 and has been owned by I Squared Capital since 2021. It also has facilities in Spain, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and eight-core data center locations in Mexico. The construction of a third data center in Querétaro, Mexico, was announced by Kio last month. A second data center for the company has just begun construction in Spain; it will have 10,760 square feet of data hall area and be of Tier IV standard. Before selling them to Zayo in 2017, Kio owned two US facilities, which are currently now run by DataBank.