KIO Networks: Kio Networks Begins Construction In Paterna, Spain

Feb 18, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

A new data center for Kio Networks has begun construction in Paterna, a city in the Valencia region of Spain. This Thursday, the Valencian Generalitat revealed that construction on a new facility at the Paterna Tactical Park had started. The project will allegedly get $53.5 million from the corporation. The facility, which was first announced in September 2022, would have 10,760 sq ft of data hall area and be constructed to Tier IV quality standards. Geothermal energy will be used, most likely with certificates. Since decentralization is a distinction and added value, they chose Paterna as the location of the new data center's headquarters, according to Javier Jarilla, general director of Kio Spain. 

Juan Antonio Sagredo, the mayor of Paterna, commended Kio for their dedication to the community and making the city a special enclave where businesses may continue to expand while receiving the best possible security, climate, connection, and technical know-how. Arcadi Espaa Garca, councilor of banking and economic model at the Generalitat, continued by saying that they are dedicated to a business-oriented Generalitat that has faith in the transformation of the productive model, the promotion of R+D+I, automation, and the competitive nature of their companies to increase job opportunities, promote economic growth, and improve well-being. 

Kio currently runs one data center in Spain. The ESP 1 facility, opened in 2014 and situated on the Espinardo University Campus in Murcia, provides 1,850 square feet and 193kW across a single data hall. Kio, which was established in 2002 and has been owned by I Squared Capital since 2021, runs eight main data center locations in Mexico, in addition to establishments in Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. Before selling them to Zayo in 2017, Kio owned two US facilities, which are currently now run by DataBank.