Guizhou Data Center Market

The Guizhou data center market is located in the country of China and within East Asia. Guizhou has 1 facility with 0 sqft and 58 megawatts.

The top providers in Guizhou are Apple (1 site). The most popular facilities are Apple Guizhou and Apple Guizhou.

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Market Facts

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Largest Providers in Guizhou

Facilities: 1
Power: 58 MWs
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About This Metro

Wikipedia describes Guizhou (贵州; formerly romanized as Kweichow) as a province in the People's Republic of China located in the southwestern part of the country. Its capital city is Guiyang.

Guizhou is a relatively poor and economically undeveloped province, but rich in natural, cultural and environmental resources. Demographically it is one of China's most diverse provinces. Minority groups account for more than 37% of the population.