Sydney: WSI selects CDC Data Centres for digital tower deployment

Mar 15, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Western Sydney International Airport (WSI) has selected CDC Data Centres for its digital tower deployment. WSI will be one of the first in Australia to run a digital air traffic control tower and has partnered with CDC, Frequentis Australasia, and Airservices to develop the system.

WSI will deploy more than 20 high-resolution cameras to monitor the airport and airspace, which will be transmitted to a central Digitial Aerodrome Service (DAS) in Eastern Creek.

Airservices Australia CEO Jason Harfield said: "DAS is world-class technology that will improve the capability of our controllers, enabling us to deliver even greater levels of safety and increased capacity.”

WSI's CEO Simon Hickey added that the tower would bring together "the skills of Australia’s air traffic controllers, with cutting-edge digital technology to enhance safety and improve efficiency. This exciting technology has earned its place in what will be an airport focused on delivering passengers and airlines an incredible experience.”