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Cormint Data Systems, Inc. ("Cormint") has achieved a significant milestone in its expansion by energizing Phase 3, increasing its self-mining fleet to 1.5 exahashes per second (EH/s) at its flagship site in Fort Stockton, West Texas. While Phase 1 and Phase 2 collectively delivered 1 EH/s of hashing power using Cormint's proprietary immersion solution, the company has now applied its in-house engineering expertise to design and develop an Air-Cooled solution tailored to the West Texas climate.

With substantial cash reserves and Bitcoin holdings, Cormint is now expanding its pipeline at Fort Stockton, where it is fully funded to expand to at least 2.4 EH/s of self-mining in 2024, thereby making full use of the 130-megawatt interconnection and substation capacity at the Fort Stockton site.

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Cormint is a Bitcoin Miner whose team has been mining Bitcoin since 2018 at sites in New York and Texas. We are now rapidly scaling our site in Fort Stockton, Texas towards 130MWs, where our capabilities in power, engineering, and financial management will result in the company being amongst the lowest cost producers of Bitcoin in North America.

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