Cavern Technologies

17501 W 98th St

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Cavern Technologies’ Kansas City colocation facility is located in a limestone cave 125 feet beneath Lenexa, Kansas. The cave is a three million-square-foot limestone bunker providing protection from natural disasters.

Underground caves offer natural protection from weather, and the constant 68-degree temperature reduces the facility’s dependence on power to keep the servers cool.


  • Cavern started with 60,000 square feet in 2006.
  • Then in 2013, it expanded by an additional 60,000 for a total of 110,000 sqft.
  • In 2019, it was expanded by an additional 40,000 sqft
  • The site has the ability to expand up to 500,000sqft and 50 MW of power.

Founded in 2007

Cavern Technologies, was founded by Pete Clune and John Clune in 2007. Pete and John drew from their backgrounds in risk management and executive leadership, along with the natural underground environment of the facility to establish a data center that would be a fortress of security and IT performance for customers

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17501 W 98th St (#18-33)
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Sites within 15 miles of Cavern Technologies

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Distance Site About
1.61 miles Consolidated Lenexa
Consolidated (CCI) data center located in the Southwest Kansas City metro.
2.03 miles TierPoint Kansas City-Lenexa
Power Density: upto 20kW per cabinet 2 Utility transformers protected inside mechanical area/yard Dedicated utility transformer for each UPS
2.08 miles DataBank South Lake KC1
DataBank’s South Lake facility is situated in the technology-rich, South Kansas City suburb of Lenexa, providing direct, on-site connectivity to several Tier 1 carriers. Powered by two separate substations with on-site, diesel-powered generators for backup, the data center includes 6,000+ sqft of space for customer equipment and advanced cooling technology to ensure optimal operating temperatures.
2.12 miles DataBank Kansas City KC3
KC3 has 25,000 square feet of raised white floor and 3 MW of power capacity in Phase I
4.64 miles DataBank Pine Ridge KC2
DataBank’s Pine Ridge data center is located in the technology-rich South Kansas City suburb of Overland Park. The site houses DataBank’s primary Network Operations Center (NOC) and operational support teams. With more than 12,000 sqft of raised-floor data center space, the facility houses three independent data halls and direct connectivity to multiple top-tier carriers.
4.80 miles Netrality: Kansas City 7801 Nieman
7.34 miles QTS Overland Park
The building also serves as QTS Headquarters
13.72 miles 1102 Grand St (Netrality) Kansas City Carrier Hotel
1102 Grand, a carrier hotel owned and operated by Netrality, is the most network-rich, core interconnection environment in Kansas. The data center provides infrastructure for carriers, enterprises, and service providers to interconnect reliably and cost-effectively.
14.65 miles Level3 Kansas City (2007 Grand)
14.80 miles Contegix Mainmark
The site was acquired in late 2016 when Contegix acquired Admo.
15.15 miles Level3 Kansas City (1100 Walnut)
15.21 miles Contegix 1102 Grand
The site in 1102 Grand was acquired in late 2016 when Contegix acquired Admo.
15.21 miles Level3 Kansas City (1102 Grand)
15.27 miles Level3 Kansas City (1212 East 19th)
15.32 miles Netsolus Kansas City
15.61 miles Joe's Datacenter Kansas City
Joe's Data Center moved to this location in October of 2013 because they were outgrowing their space in the Oak Tower. This new location is well suited for datacenter use as it is located near fiber lines, has plenty of outdoor space for mechanical equipment, reliable power provided by KCP&L, and room for the business to grow for years to come.
17.11 miles NOCIX
17.12 miles Nocix 2

Cavern Technologies Data Center Photos

Layout of the Meritex Lenexa Executive Park Cave
Source: Meritex

Entrance to the Meritex Lenexa Executive Park

Underground Entrance
Source: Cavern Technologies


Cavern UPS

Power Room
Source: Cavern Technologies
SubTopolis hosts an annual Groundhog Run for the last 35+ years. The event, 5K and 10K runs hare typically hosted in January
Annual Groundhog Run in the cave

SubTopolis hosts an annual Groundhog Run for the last 35+ years. The event, 5K and 10K runs hare typically hosted in January

Source: SubTropolis

Operating Company

1 Facilities Owned
5 Markets Served
15.0 Megawatts
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meritex_lenexa_executive_park_2010 November 2010

Meritex Lenexa Executive Park leasing sheet. Page 3 shows the Cave's layout.

cavern-technologies-underground-build-to-suite-data-center May 2011

Cavern Technologies presentation. Many layout drawings starting on page 8.

caverntechnologies_casestudy_final-1 February 2019

VYCON Flywheel Case study

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Onsite Energy Case Study