Frankfurt: Mainova Ventures into Data Centers With 30MW Facility in Frankfurt

Oct 27, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

German energy company Mainova is moving into the data center business. The company broke ground on the new facility in Frankfurt, Germany. Mainova WebHouse, a subsidiary of the energy company, announced that a groundbreaking ceremony for the facility took place earlier in the month. The new data center will offer up to 113,000 square feet (10,500 square meters) of space across two data center buildings. In addition, it will offer a total IT load of 30MW. The data center campus is scheduled to come online in 2024. 

The CEO of Mainova, Dr. Constantine H. Alsheimer, said: “Mainova is intensively driving the energy transition and decarbonization. In accordance with our sustainability strategy, we are developing one of the most efficient and sustainable data centers in Frankfurt. We are opening up a new business model in a dynamic growth market and support the city of Frankfurt and our customers in implementing their climate protection goals.”

The Managing Director of Mainova Webhouse, Oliver Schiebel, noted that the facility would be powered by 100% green energy. He said the company’s photovoltaic system for generating solar power on-site would be instrumental to this.