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Zayo Group is telecom and fiber company. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker ZAYO.

Zayo was founded in 2007 and is a provider of Network, Fiber, Cloud and Colocation services. The colocation division is known as zColo.

Zayo Company History:

Zayo has been a skilled acquirer of Fiber, Network, and Data Center companies.


  • Zayo acquired Allstream, a Canadian, telecommunications company that had been in business for 170 years. Initially established as a telegraph service provider over Canada's first transcontinental railroad.
  • Electric Lightwave (ELI) was acquired for $1.42 billion. ELI had previously acquired Integra Telecom


  • Zayo acquired the Fiber and Enterprise divisions of IdeaTek Systems for $52 Million. The acquisition added fiber footprint in Kansas.
  • Zayo acquired Latisys, a data center and IaaS Cloud provider for $675 Million


  • Zayo completed an IPO on the NYSE which raised $278 million providing a market cap of $5
  • Zayo acquired Colo Facilities Atlanta (aka AtlantaNAP)
  • Zayo acquired Neo Telecoms
  • Zayo acquired Geo Networks Ltd
  • Zayo acquired CoreXchange, Inc., a Dallas based data center operator


  • Zayo acquired Core NAP, an Austin based data center operator
  • Zayo acquired Access Communications, Inc for its Minneapolis-St Paul fiber network
  • Zayo acquired FiberLink, a Mid-West dark fiber operator


  • Zayo acquired AboveNet
  • Zayo acquired Arialink for fiber assest in Lansing and Ann Arbor Michigan
  • Zayo acquired FiberGate for fiber assets in the greater Washington DC area
  • Zayo acquired USCarrier
  • Zayo acquired First Telecom Services
  • Zayo acquired Litecast/Balticore for $22 Million


  • Zayo acquired 360networks for $345 Million
  • Zayo acquired MarquisNet data center business in Las Vegas


  • Zayo acquired AGL Networks
  • Zayo acquired American Fiber Solutions
  • Zayo acquired Dolphini’s Cummins Station data centers


  • Zayo acquired FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc


  • Zayo acquired Citynet Fiber Network (CFN), the wholesale division of integrated communications provider, Citynet
  • Zayo acquired Columbia Fiber Solutions
  • Zayo acquired some assets of Adesta Communications
  • Zayo acquired a Fiber network from Northwest Telephone
  • Zayo acquired a Fiber network from CenturyTel


  • Zayo Founded and raised $225 Million in private equity funding.
  • Zayo acquired Memphis Networx
  • Zayo acquired PPL Telecom
  • Zayo acquired Indiana Fiber Works
  • Zayo acquired VoicePipe
  • Zayo acquired Onvoy
Zayo Logo
Parent Company:
1805 29th St, Boulder, CO 80301
: Privately Held
Year Founded:

Dan Caruso

Retail Colocation (Cabinets, Cages, RU)
Company Type:
Owned by a Carrier, but operates as Carrier-Neutral



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Zayo Locations

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zColo Brussels
Tollaan 99A B1932 St Stevens
Brussels, Belgium
Located in Brussels
  • 8,900 Gross SqFt
  • 1.0 Megawatts
zColo Amsterdam Konigshof
Schipluidenlaan 4
1062 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands
Located in Amsterdam
  • 0.7 Megawatts
  • Does not own Owns the Building
zColo Rotterdam
albert plesmanweg 29-33
waalhaven, soerweg 5b rotterdam, netherlands
Located in Rotterdam-The Hague
  • 0.15 Megawatts
  • Does not own Owns the Building
zColo Courbevoie
47 Rue Louis Blanc
92400 Courbevoie, France
Located in Paris
  • 0.6 Megawatts
zColo Strasbourg
5 Rue du Havre
67100 Strasbourg, France
Located in Strasbourg
  • 0.4 Megawatts
  • Does not own Owns the Building
zColo Saint Herblain
Impasse Joséphine Baker
44800 Saint Herblain, France
Located in Nantes
  • 0.1 Megawatts
  • Does not own Owns the Building
zColo Metz
3 Avenue des Deux Fontaines
57140 Woippy, France
Located in Grand Est
zColo Besançon
2 Rue Albert Einstein
25000 Besançon, France
Located in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (BFC)
  • 0.2 Megawatts
  • Does not own Owns the Building
zColo Poissonnière
21 Rue Poissonnière
75002 Paris, France
Located in Paris
  • 8,000 Gross SqFt
  • 0.6 Megawatts
zColo Montpellier
143 Rue Emile Julien
34070 Montpellier, France
Located in Occitanie
  • 0.32 Megawatts
  • Does not own Owns the Building


July 2019

Zayo's remote hands service and options


Formerly operated by "Green Data Centers" company

Formerly operated by "Green Data Centers" company
Datacenter GDC3 Velizy
Posted in zColo Paris Vélizy

Formerly operated by "Green Data Centers" company

Grand Opening Tour of Velizy Facility
Posted in zColo Paris Vélizy
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