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Rowan Green Data originates and develops strategically located sites across the US that host next-generation hyperscale data centers powered by renewable energy and featuring sustainable infrastructure solutions encompassing all critical site services. Rowan aims to design and configure each site to deliver sustained and long-term competitive land and power cost advantages, provide low-cost renewable power supply and assist hyperscale data center operators in meeting their accelerating carbon reduction and 'net zero' targets.

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Rowan: Temple, Moriah, TX

Rowan is developing 33 acres of land in Synergy Park at 2810 Bob White Road, but has the right to acquire around 142 additional acres of land for further development phases.

Rowan Percheron

Rowan Percheron

Located in Oregon

Rowan plans to develop a 1.125 million sq ft (104,515 sqm) data center complex totaling four buildings. Construction is slated to begin in 2024

Rowan: Frederick County, Maryland

Rowan Digital Infrastructure plans to develop a data center campus totaling 777,150 sq ft (72,200 sqm) across 151 acres in Frederick County, Maryland. The campus is set to offer 231MW.

Rowan: Meriwether, Portland, OR

Rowan Data Centers has announced plans for a campus in Forest Grove, Portland, OR. Preliminary plans for the Project Meriwether development call for 150 MW of capacity.

Rowan: Matterhorn, CA

Outside of Oregon and Temple, Rowan Green Data is planning a data center site in California named as Project Matterhorn.

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Rendering of Rowan's Temple facility scheduled to open in 2022
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