TulsaConnect DC3

4500 S 129th E Ave

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  • Data Center facility is located 16 feet underground to provide the best protection possible from adverse weather events (such as tornadoes)
  • Exterior walls are 13” thick reinforced concrete with extensive water control systems on the exterior to prevent water intrusion from above
  • Floor slab has waterproof barrier and additional subfloor slab to protect against water intrusion from below
  • Facility consists of two Data Center pods, each capable of housing up to (75) 42U racks
  • Campus has an on-site cafe, walking trails in a park-like setting, mens/womens locker rooms w/showers, ample free parking, 24x7 security with roving indoor and outdoor patrols, and a top-rated hotel in close proximity to the facility


  • SSAE 16 audited facilities
  • Biometric access control system at facility entrances
  • All entrance / exit from the facility is logged and recorded
  • All access to the facility is via TulsaConnect escort
  • Security cameras record on motion and video is archived for 90 days
  • All customer racks have locking front/rear doors
  • Campus has 24 x 7 security on-site


  • Liebert DX CRAC units in N+2 configuration provide precision cooling
  • CRAC units are serviced quarterly. Spare parts are stored on-site
  • Racks are arranged in a standard hot-aisle / cold-aisle configuration, with hot-aisle containment system
  • Environmental monitoring, including temperature, humidity, moisture, and sound sensors


  • Campus has true dual-substation electrical feeds with automatic switchgear to switch between substations
  • True "A" and "B" UPS configuration via reliable Eaton 9395 and Powerware 9315 systems with fully independant output feeds to customer equipment with no common / shared points of failure
  • On-site 800KW CAT diesel generators will support the facility load in the event of a utility power failure
  • ASCO 7000-series ATS w/bypass isolation feature allowing concurrent maintenance
  • ASCO 7000-series MTS allowing selection of on-site or portable generator
  • Generator tap on building exterior for portable generator hook-up in case of primary generator failure
  • Should any of the on-site generators fail, TulsaConnect owns a portable, trailer-mount generator that can be brought on-site within 1 hour

Fire Supression

  • ECARO clean-agent gas fire suppression system throughout the entire Data Center space
  • Multiple zones must register smoke before system is activated

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4500 S 129th E Ave
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All access to the facility is via TulsaConnect escort Cross-connects for analog phone service (POTS), T-1, DS-3, etc available to every rack at no additional charge SSAE 16 audited facilities
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Operating Company

TulsaConnect was formed in October, 2001, but its roots go back to April, 1996 with the founding of one of Oklahoma’s first Internet companies.

Since 2001 TulsaConnect has grown from a single Data Center location housing 10 racks to four geographically diverse Data Centers with an aggregate capacity of over 300 racks..

Having been profitable since our inception, TulsaConnect’s strong financial foundations ensure stability and predictability in all aspects of our business. In April 2012 TulsaConnect became part of the MBO family of companies, but is still led by the same team that founded the company back in 2001.

MBO is a privately held, Oklahoma-owned company that includes third generation principals. Through its subsidiaries, MBO provides voice, video, and data services, on both a wholesale and retail level to customers in a four state area. MBO owns Cimarron Telephone Company and Cim Tel Cable, Pottawatomie Telephone Company, MBO Video , as well as additional interests in Cross Telephone, Cross Communications and Sprocket Wireless.

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