Thrive Luton

16-22 Crawley Green Rd

Operated by: Thrive NextGen

The site was formerly operated by ONI before being acquired in August 2021.

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16-22 Crawley Green Rd
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7.98 miles NTT Hempstead 2
8.03 miles NTT Hempstead 1
8.15 miles NTT Hempstead 3
8.39 miles NTT Hempstead4
NTT Global Data Centers opened its 7th London data center site in Hemel Hempstead.
10.90 miles Colt London North: Welwyn Garden City
London, Welwyn Garden City is a carrier neutral facility situated just 35 minutes train journey north of London’s Kings Cross station.
10.90 miles INAP North London
INAP's North London data center is located within Colt's facility on Black Fan Road
14.52 miles Echelon LCY20
Ireland’s Echelon Data Centres has partnered with Starwood to develop a second UK data center.
16.21 miles DRT London (Chess Building)
19.29 miles Pulsant Milton Keynes
19.40 miles Level3 Milton Keynes
19.81 miles Google: Waltham Cross
Google has started building a new data centre in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.

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Thrive NextGen
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