Terawulf: Lake Mariner

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TeraWulf's Lake Mariner facility is located at 7725 Lake Rd, Barker, NY. The Lake Mariner facility began mining operations in March 2022 and is 100% owned by TeraWulf.

Power Phasing Availability:

  • 160 MW operational
  • 35 MW expansion targeted for Q3 2024
  • Target of 250 MW deployed in 2024
  • Target of 500 MW deployed in 2025

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7725 Lake Rd
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15.14 miles Yahoo Lockport NY

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Operating Company

TeraWulf is a cryptocurrency mining company that prioritizes sustainability by utilizing over 91% zero-carbon energy sources for its Bitcoin mining operations across the United States. TeraWulf aims to revolutionize energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining. By leveraging their expertise in development, engineering, and energy markets, they strive to establish an innovative paradigm that transforms zero-carbon electrons into cryptocurrency in an environmentally responsible manner.

2 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
210.0 Megawatts
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