Teknotel Telehouse Istanbul

Kozyatağı Mh

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Telehouse Istanbul was built in partnership with Teknotel.

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Kozyatağı Mh
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Sites within 15 miles of Teknotel Telehouse Istanbul

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Distance Site About
4.47 miles EdgeUno Istanbul (IST1)
4.47 miles Equinix Istanbul IL2 (was Zenium)
8.25 miles Radore Büyükdere Caddesi
9.63 miles PremierDC Veri Merkezi Anonim Sirketi
The facility was previously known as "Equinix Istanbul IL1"
12.11 miles Garanti BBVA Bank Technology Campus
14.19 miles Verizon Nap of İstanbul
14.19 miles TI Sparkle Istanbul

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Operating Company

Telehouse is a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation. KDDI was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

History (by site):

1989: New York Teleport site
1990: London Docklands North
1997: New York 25 Broadway
1997: London Metro
1998: Expanded to Los Angeles
1999: London Docklands East
1999: Paris Voltaire
2000: Asian expansion in Hong Kong & Seoul
2008: Beijing BEZ & Singapore
2009: Paris Magny
2010: London Docklands West
2010: Hanoi & Shanghai Jinqiao
2010: Johannesburg
2011: Hong Kong CCC
2011: New York Chelsea
2011: Istanbul
2012: Frankfurt and Moscow
2012: Beijing BDA
2013: Shanghai Zhangjiang

22 Facilities Owned
17 Markets Served
178.06 Megawatts
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