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Company: Radore Data Center Services Inc
Metro: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Region: Middle East
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Büyükdere Caddesi No:171

Total Power: ??? NN
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Radore Data Center operates in four separate white spaces sized 520 m2, 110 m2, 285 m2 and 120 m2, occupying a total technical space of 1.035 m2. The data center is located on the -4th floor of MetroCity in the Levent of Istanbul. The construction of MetroCity was completed in 2002 and the complex was opened to public in 2003. MetroCity is built in conjunction with Istanbul’s underground line.

Istanbul’s Internet infrastructure is planned and set up tracing the underground transportation lines. Located in a strategically important spot with respect to Internet, Radore’s Internet infrastructure directly connects to the Internet Service Providers. Radore’s central location enables easy access from anywhere in the city. MetroCity is being monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, via its advanced security systems, fire detection and extinction systems and smoke evacuation systems.

The MetroCity building was constructed in accordance with the NFPA standards. Precautions to ensure the fire extinction systems work effectively in case of an earthquake were taken and throttling valve systems were installed. In addition, there are fire brigade connection points on building entrances so that the fire station can interfere effectively in case of emergency.


Radore Data Center has a total energy capacity of 4.2 MW, 1.6 MW of which is allocated for white space, 1 MW for office space and 1.6 MW of which is spare. Energy for the data center is supplied via three different distribution transformers, two of which are main and one is spare. These power distribution units, which are located in MetroCity, are property of Radore. Radore Data Center’s transformers are connected to the medium voltage ring network, which enables feeding from two locations in cases of need for backup.

The Synchronization Control Grid follows the energy flow instantly for the transitions (generator-generator, transformer-transformer and generator-transformer) and conducts the transitions automatically in cases of breakdown, low/insufficient voltage or frequency. The UPS infrastructure steps in during transitions, which can last up to 30 seconds, providing uninterrupted power supply. The battery pack of the UPS system has a minimum runtime of 15 minutes.

Behind the transformer system equipped with backup and automated transition, there are three 1,100 kVA Caterpillar (CAT) diesel generators waiting on standby and automatic mode ready to produce energy for the data center in case the utility power supply should be interrupted. These generators are supplied by two fuel tanks with 3,500 m3 capacity and one fuel tank with 10,000 m3 capacity which belong to Radore and one shared fuel tank of MetroCity with a capacity of 30,000 m3. In case of power cuts, one of the tanks works actively, while the other feeds the active one to maintain uninterrupted energy.

The UPS system utilized in Radore Data Center is configured in form of 4x(N+N) and 1x(N+1) redundancy.

There are five different UPS systems in the UPS infrastructure of the data center:

  • 1st Group 15x50 kVA Newave (ABB) Modular UPS, (N+N)
  • 2nd Group 10x100 kVA Newave (ABB) Modular UPS, (N+N)
  • 3rd Group 10x100 kVA Newave (ABB) Standalone UPS (N+N)
  • 4th Group 5x100 kVA Newave (ABB) Standalone UPS (N+1)
  • 5th Group 5x50 kVA Newave (ABB) Modular UPS (N+N)

The white spaces, network infrastructure and offices are supplied by power lines A and B. Power line A is fed by the 1st and 2nd group UPS devices and power line B is fed by the 3rd and 4th group UPS devices. In addition, the office area and network infrastructure are supplied by the 5th group UPS devices which are assigned to these areas only and provide energy for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Power for the server racks is supplied by a backed up "busbar" system. The busbar system prevents cable-hardware chaos and provides endurance against natural disasters. With busbar, troubleshooting is made easier and the cooling system works more efficiently.

Along with the backed up busbar system, the server racks are backed up by two different Power Distribution Units (PDU) which are supplied by two different UPS units.


Air in Radore’s white spaces is cooled using the "free cooling" technology. "Free cooling" is an economic method of using low external air temperatures to assist in chilling water, which can then be used for climatization. Components of the "free cooling" infrastructure that Radore Data Center uses consist of:

  • 3 x 840 kW RC chillers (external units to cool the water)
  • Sensitive RC air-conditioners providing air circulation inside the data center (internal units)
  • Pumps required to provide the necessary pressure for carrying the water between the above two units

30-35°C hot air trapped in the hot air corridors of the data center is absorbed by sensitive air-conditioning units and cooled by the cold water coming from the chillers until it reaches a temperature of 16-23°C. The chilled air is immediately directed to the cold air input of the server systems. When the ambient air temperature drops to a set temperature, a processor can by-pass an existing chiller giving energy savings of up to 70%, without compromising cooling requirements. Energy savings decrease Radore’s annual PUE ratio below sector average.

Radore Data Center possesses 5,850,000 BTU active and 2,900,000 BTU spare cooling power. The whole cooling infrastructure is configured with N+1 redundancy.

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Büyükdere Caddesi No:171 (Floor: -4B, No: 39-46S)

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