Digital Residence Rotterdam Spanish Cube

Vlaardingweg 62

Operated by: Digital Residence BV

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Vlaardingweg 62
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0.00 miles TCN Spaanse Kubus (Spanish Cube)
0.00 miles Bytesnet Rotterdam
0.89 miles SmartDC Rotterdam
2.13 miles TDCG Rotterdam
2.61 miles Luna Rotterdam Puntegale
4.08 miles NLDC Rotterdam
4.09 miles zColo Rotterdam
4.23 miles Datacenter Group Delft
4.89 miles Caveo Internet
5.81 miles Databarn Rotterdam Rivium
7.06 miles Data Facilities Spijkenisse DF1
7.45 miles Caveo Internet Capelle
7.92 miles Digital Residence Colo Centre Zoetermeer
7.92 miles Colo Center Rotterdam
9.34 miles Data Facilities
9.34 miles ColoHouse The Hague
9.95 miles WorldStream Naaldwijk
9.95 miles Greenhouse Datacenters DC1
10.02 miles Greenhouse DC2
15.19 miles Cyxtera AMS1
AMS I is located within CyrusOne's new facility and will open in Q1 2020

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Operating Company

Digital Residence BV

Digital Residence was founded in 2006

4 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
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