Colocation America - Philadelphia DC2

1000 Adams Ave

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1000 Adams Ave
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0.00 miles TierPoint Valley Forge
0.75 miles Lumen Norristown
3.57 miles GSK Phoenixville
3.61 miles Flexential Philadelphia - Collegeville
4.92 miles DāStor: 3400 Horizon
5.61 miles DāStor: 411 Swedeland
7.73 miles Windstream Conshohocken
10.47 miles 1547: Chester County, PA
11.67 miles Comcast National Data Center: East Goshen
16.48 miles 365 Philadelphia (University City)
Located in downtown Philadelphia at the Penn Medicine Science Center
17.03 miles Lumen Philadelphia 3
17.40 miles XO Philadelphia 2401 Locust
17.40 miles Lumen Philadelphia 4
17.40 miles Quonix - Philadelphia
17.49 miles 365 Philadelphia (Downtown)
17.51 miles H5 Philadelphia
17.72 miles XO: 401 Broad
17.73 miles Lightower Philadelphia 1309 Noble
17.75 miles Lumen: 401 N Broad
17.75 miles DataBank Philadelphia PHL1
17.75 miles Crown Castle 401 N Broad
17.75 miles Equinix Philadelphia PH1
17.75 miles 401 North Broad St - Netrality Philadelphia
Premier core interconnection data center in Philadelphia
18.43 miles Lumen Philadelphia 2

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Established in 2000, Colocation America has grown to become one of the most reliable colocation hosting providers nationwide. With their main data centers in Los Angeles, CA, Colocation America was built from the ground up by professional engineers with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted colocation hosting service.

12 Facilities Owned
7 Markets Served
0.5 Megawatts
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