Cascade Divide Spruce

455 SE Spruce St

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Built in 2012, premium data center office and colocation space totaling 12,500 sq. ft.

  • Data center/colocation floor space 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Up to 3 MW of on-site power available at full build
  • Overhead power distribution prevents interference with network infrastructure
  • Offered capability of 12kW per rack at full build
  • Redundant N+1 power and cooling services specifically optimized for high-density deployments
  • Diverse fiber infrastructure
  • 24x7 escorted on-site entry
  • Alarm system with secure video surveillance throughout the facility
  • Multi-level access authorization with card control and biometric verification level access

Phase 1a (Complete):

500Kw diesel generator(s) (N+1)
225kVA UPS with internal N+1 configuration
51 tons (N+1) cooling data center
200kW (IT loads) data center
3 tons (N) cooling electrical room
6 tons (N+1) cooling cross-connect room
20kW (IT loads) cross-connect room
Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) 1.27

Phase 1b:

750kVA UPS (N+1)
171 tons (N+1) cooling data center
675kW (IT loads) data center
9 tons (N) cooling electrical room
11 tons (N+1) cooling cross-connect room
40kW (IT Loads) cross-connect room
Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) 1.29

Phase 2:

500kVA UPS (N+1) electrical room
1,100kVA UPS (N+1) UPS room
540 tons (N+1) cooling data center
1,480kW (IT loads) data center
9 tons (N) cooling electrical room
12 tons (N) cooling UPS room
Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) 1.14

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455 SE Spruce St
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