Pennsylvania: Wesco ventures into the data center business

Mar 07, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Wesco has announced the launch of a data center group, namely Wesco Data Center Solutions. The company is set to be led by Rahi Systems founding member Tarun Raisoni, who will be senior vice president and general manager, following the recent acquisition of Rahi Systems Holdings.

Speaking about this development, Bill Geary, Executive vice president and general manager of Wesco Communications & Security Solutions, said: "Global data center customers provide dynamic and exciting business opportunities due to accelerating data consumption, increased adoption of the cloud, and ongoing demand for data storage and management."

Adding: "As our data center clients increase their scale, footprint, scope, and complexity, our ability to service them as the best tech-enabled supply chain solutions provider is paramount. With our new Wesco Data Solutions team, we provide more solutions and focused expertise around the clock and around the world."

Raisoni explained that creating value for customers is a "top priority, adding that the industry "requires a highly-specialized approach." "We can now offer more dedicated resources and solutions that are designed to enhance the customer experience and provide superior value," said Raisoni.