London: 'Trash-powered' data center campus on its way to East London

Apr 12, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Stratus Data Centres has announced its intention to construct two 18MW Tier III data centers on a brownfield site at Belvedere, South East London, part of Riverside Energy Park. The Riverside Energy Park is a development of waste management firm Cory, which, it says, intends to meet "London's waste management and energy generation infrastructure needs." It will reportedly do this by including a data center on the site next to its energy from waste (EfW) facility. This facility would reportedly handle approximately two million tons of London's unrecyclable waste, which would usually be sent to landfills or overseas and generate roughly 45MW of power.

Stratus's involvement in the project comes after it made a different plan to build a 100MW data center on the site by 2021. The Belvedere development was reportedly already in the works prior to the company's formation. 

Speaking about the project it was tasked with designing, architect Scott Brownrigg outlined the task was to create "two identical 18MW, three-story, Tier III Data Centers" with clean power provided directly from the adjacent riverside waste-to-energy plant. Moreover, to mitigate flood risk and in response to the "site context," critical components of the data center are above the ground floor. There are also what the architect calls, "biodiversity features," which include 1700 sqm of living walls and 2400 sqm of living roofs.