London: Transaction Network Services Moves to New LSE Data Facility

Mar 01, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The new London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) data center is now home to a number of clients of Transaction Network Services (TNS). TNS was compelled to move after LSEG declared that its present City of London data center would be shut down. The brand-new colocation facility in Docklands still provides the ultra-low latency that TNS requires. The new LSEG Data Center is completely connected, the company claims, to TNS' leading worldwide network. TNS offers telecom solutions to service providers and payments and financial firms, as well as networking, integrated data and voice services. The company provides services to corporations of all sizes, from companies that only need a partial rack-up to worldwide banks that need many contiguous cabinets.

TNS's "layer 1" service, which employs a single-hop architecture to do away with the need for several switches, will be housed in the LSEG data center. The business claims that it can provide connection in just five to 85 nanoseconds. Now, the company operates more than 60 exchanges worldwide. 
The decommissioning of the London Stock Exchange Group's former City of London colocation facility started on February 18 and is anticipated to be done by March 27. The Docklands facility is home to all LSE, Turquoise, and TRADEcho services. 

The LSE's IT infrastructure, as well as its data and analytics platforms, will be moved to Microsoft's cloud, according to LSEG's announcement in December 2022. The data platform and other crucial technological infrastructure for LSEG will also move to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.