Michigan: Sentinum introduces hosting and colocation services

Aug 07, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Sentinum's data center in Michigan has started offering colocation and hosting services. Sentinum, a subsidiary of the holding company Ault Alliance, will provide these offerings for artificial intelligence ecosystems and other industries. The corporation intends to expand its operations into Montana and Texas, in addition to Michigan, where they will initially be housed.

The data center in Michigan was acquired in May 2022 and is 617,000 square feet, with 28MW of IT capacity and the ability to scale up to 300MW. According to reports, it uses 85 percent renewable energy. Sentinum's subsidiary in Montana, BNI Montana, has secured land and utility agreements for a 20MW data center. It will be utilized predominantly for Bitcoin mining, and construction has recently begun.

Sentinum also has contracts for a 12MW data center in West Texas that can be expanded to 78MW. Work on this facility is set to start in the coming few months. According to the company, they will be colocation facilities with variable capacity options. Their facilities will have "multi-level" security measures, such as biometrics and surveillance systems.

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