Indiana: Provident Realty Advisors withdraws proposal for Indiana data center

Jun 14, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Provident Realty Advisors notified Chesterton officials on June 10 about its intention to withdraw its proposal for a $1.3 billion data center in Chesterton, Porter County, Indiana.

The led to from residents regarding the development, with concerns surrounding negative impacts of air, water, energy, wetlands, wildlife, reduced home values, and mental health issues caused by the stress of the project.

"I don’t think you wanted to be on the town council to make people want to move out of our town, which countless citizens will do if this project moves forward," Dogwood Estates resident Jenny Hansen wrote following that gathering. "But wait, no one will buy our homes."

George Gonzalez, a representative of Provident Realty Advisors, said that the developer was keen to minimize the impact on nearby homeowners, and thus would not fence in the 200-acre site. Instead, landscaping would be used along the eastern boundary to reduce noise, and the generators would all have noise suppressors so as to ensure a maximum decibel level of 42.