London: London Docklands proposal rejected

Oct 31, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

According to reports, a proposal for a new data center at the London Docklands has been rejected on the grounds that the proposals were "bulky" and could have a negative impact on the nearby Naval Row Conservation Area. Although council planning officers had recommended the proposal, which would have developed a 36-story student-housing block, 30-story build-to-rent block and 35,000 sqm (376,700 sq ft), 30MW data center on the site, when the application went to vote, the result was 5:2. The facility, as part of the proposal, if approved, would have featured six halls, each spanning 1,200 sqm (12,900 sq ft), requiring a back-up source of power in the form of 18 diesel-fuelled generators of 3.3 MW.

The council's planning officers had noted that the number of affordable homes was policy compliant, but Tower Hamlets Council's strategic development committee said that the plans were out of keeping with the neighborhood. Abdul Wahid of Tower Hamlets' ruling Aspire Party, commented: "I don't think the design fits in right with the character of the local area." Adding: "It seems exceptionally dense. I believe it looks out of place within the conservation area and the grade II-listing that we have."

The council planning officers warned that the authority would find it "difficult" to defend the decision if it is appealed.